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Restore Pilates Chicago is a boutique studio founded with the joy and passion to help you restore your body and mind. We can help you move your body better, while teaching you how your body works. We have a warm atmosphere with creative instructors, ready to provide personal guidance to reduce your pain, heal your trauma, improve your posture, strengthen your core, and increase flexibility. We'd love to introduce you to our fabulous team of instructors.



Jeanne is the founder of Restore Pilates Chicago and a certified STOTT PILATES Instructor. She combines her background in freestyle figure skating and movement to design safe, yet challenging Pilates workouts for each individual, regardless of their fitness level. She believes anyone can do Pilates, at any age. She has a hands-on approach and can help you learn more about your body as you explore movement to bring strength and stability to your everyday life.
She has a Doctor of Pharmacy and Master’s in Health Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before becoming a Pilates Instructor, she worked for the pharmaceutical and medical communications industries. Due to a significant health event, she returned to ice skating, yoga, and Pilates as part of her recovery and restoration. She left the corporate life, trained with the best in the industry, and was the #1 Master Pilates Instructor for Fitness Formula Clubs in 2019. Jeanne is trained to work with pelvic trauma injuries, chronic disease, and pre-and post-natal individuals. This, with her anatomical knowledge and experience with injuries, uniquely positions her to help you move and strengthen your body, no matter your age or fitness level.


Suzy received her BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago and is a member of the improvisation ensemble STäD. After performing for many years, and sustaining several injuries, she began training in Pilates. Pilates was transformational in growing and maintaining her physical strength and mental well-being and felt like a natural connection to dance with its emphasis on anatomy, strength, and fluid movement. Suzy is a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, and Barrels and a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She has experience with pre- and post-natal clients. Suzy is interested in the specificity and detail of Pilates and loves that Pilates can be modified to meet people where they are.


Allison is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) with 20+ years of experience teaching movement through Pilates, dance, and yoga. She first integrated Pilates into her own movement repertoire while completing her undergraduate degree in dance at Columbia College Chicago. Upon graduation, she pursued a Pilates certification from Body Balance Ltd., completing her coursework in 2000.
Her approach to Pilates combines classical curriculum and contemporary principles that honor current anatomical ideology. Expect your sessions to help you focus on mindful movement, alignment, and overall wellness.
Allison is a breast cancer survivor, and her experience with post-surgery rehabilitation taught her that Pilates can be transformative. She is a post operative breast cancer specialist certified through the Pink Ribbon Program. In addition to teaching Pilates, Allison is also a RYT-500 certified yoga teacher.


Jo is a certified Pilates instructor and Certified Public Accountant. When she was first introduced to Pilates in Indianapolis, she found it helped her regain control of her body after years of sitting behind a desk crunching numbers as a CPA. She noticed significant changes in her body and mind after just a handful of Pilates sessions. She became a believer since it changed her life, posture, and mindset! Her love for learning and dedication to movement and Pilates inspired her to become an instructor and has taught at boutique studios in Indianapolis. She completed her comprehensive Pilates instructor training certification in all equipment (Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, and small props) and has since helped her clients meet their mobility goals and achieve their movement potential.
Jo’s approach to Pilates focuses on strengthening the mind/body connection to promote better control and concentration. Her goal is to provide safe, effective, and fun flows to help clients engage their centers through breath, control, and precise movement. Her precision translates into all areas of her life! Jo has a degree in accounting and finance from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.


Tassiana is a Pilates instructor and Physical Therapist who comes to us from Brazil! She has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the Universidade Paulista. Tassiana doesn’t just teach Pilates, but also performs comprehensive postural assessments in order to create tailored movement plans based on your physical therapy needs. She is skilled in incorporating innovative exercises to enhance your physical fitness. Her teaching experience includes the Denise Martins Pilates Studio and JM Pilates e Fisioterapia, both highly regarded Pilates studios in Brazil. Tassiana is fluent in English and Portuguese.


Nirali is a Pilates instructor and brand-building coach whose love for movement and stories dates back to her Bollywood dance debut at age five. Since then, she continued to perform and teach dance, while graduating from University of Illinois at Chicago with degrees in Economics and Psychology, followed by a stint at Northwestern University where she received her M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications. While building her experience transforming brands into businesses that matter, Nirali began practicing Pilates in 2005 as a way to lengthen, strengthen and tone. Following a significant personal loss in 2016, Pilates became more than just a workout regimen; it became a pathway to resilience and inner strength. Most recently, Nirali completed her Pilates training through the Lab. She loves blending movement and creative exploration to help others build mind-body awareness and unleash their own strength.


Stephanie received her BA in dance from University of Buffalo and has a passion for movement, nutrition, and the positive changes it can bring to your body. She's been a Pilates Instructor for over a decade and is a Level 2 STOTT PILATES Instructor. She is also a PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach, and has her Certification in Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute. Her sessions are physical yet insightful. You will feel the work, but understand the how and the why behind the movements. Stephanie is a movement specialist with experience and knowledge in Pilates, dance, strength training, and nutrition.


Jessi is invested in the intersection of art, storytelling and community-based work. She has worked in nonprofit communications for the past five years with a focus on writing and social media content creation. Jessi is also a board member of The Halide Project, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit expanding access to traditional photographic practices and raising the visibility of artists who have been historically underrepresented in photography. Jessi first engaged in movement-based practice nearly 10 years ago. After experiencing a traumatic incident, she turned to yoga as a way to restore her mind-body connection. She is thrilled to be part of the Restore team, where she is building her pilates practice and sharing the stories of our clients who have been empowered by pilates - both physically and mentally. Jessi has a BA in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Illinois - Chicago.


Libby received her BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her MPA with a focus in Nonprofit Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She currently works in philanthropy at UNICEF USA, a global humanitarian organization committed to saving and protecting the world’s most vulnerable children. Libby has 20+ years of professional dance training and credits her Pilates classes at Restore for helping her have the strength (quite literally!) and confidence to reincorporate dance classes into her workout routine after a decade-long sabbatical. She values a disciplined yet gentle wellness routine, which allows her to feel her best physically, mentally, and professionally.
She has been a client at Restore since the studio opened in 2021 and was drawn to the studio based on their reputation and commitment to restoring both the body and mind. Hundreds of group classes later, Libby is excited to leverage social media in a positive way to help more people learn about Pilates and, specifically, experience the fun and supportive environment that is the Restore Pilates Chicago community!

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