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One-on-one sessions with a certified instructor who will tailor your program based on your body's needs and fitness goals. You will also learn how your body works while creating stability and strength to better play your sport and move in your everyday life, minimizing your risk of injury.

Ranges from $90 - $105



A great way to receive personal attention with a friend or that special someone! If you are new to the area or need help finding a Pilates partner, let us know and we will try to match you with another RPC client. This is a great way to integrate yourself into our community.

Ranges from $135 - $150



These have a maximum of four participants and enables you to work on equipment while being easier on the budget and meeting people in the RPC community! So you're able to move safely on the equipment, we require at least 2 private sessions if you're not familiar with Pilates on a reformer. Try our introductory package! You can do it all, groups and privates to get the best of both worlds!

Ranges from $35 - $45

MAT PILATES (returning soon)

These have a maximum of 8 participants. We will work your body to strengthen your muscles and build core strength. Your instructor will use bands, exercise balls, and small weights to help you get the most out of your mat experience.

Ranges from $20 - $28





Jeanne is the founder of Restore Pilates Chicago and a certified STOTT PILATES Instructor. She combines her background in freestyle figure skating and movement to design safe, yet challenging Pilates workouts for each individual, regardless of their fitness level. She believes anyone can do Pilates, at any age. She has a hands-on approach and can help you learn more about your body as you explore movement to bring strength and stability to your everyday life.

She has a Doctor of Pharmacy and Master’s in Health Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before becoming a Pilates Instructor, she worked for the pharmaceutical and medical communications industries. Due to a significant health event, she returned to ice skating, yoga, and Pilates as part of her recovery and restoration. She left the corporate life, trained with the best in the industry, and was the #1 Master Pilates Instructor for Fitness Formula Clubs in 2019. She works actively with the synchronized ice skating teams at McFetridge Sports and Fitness. Jeanne is trained to work with pelvic trauma injuries, chronic disease, and pre-and post-natal individuals. This, with her anatomical knowledge and experience with injuries, uniquely positions her to help you move and strengthen your body, no matter your age or fitness level.

Founder and Pilates Instructor

Suzy received her BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago and is a member of the improvisation ensemble STäD. After performing for many years, and sustaining several injuries, she began training in Pilates. Pilates was transformational in growing and maintaining her physical strength and mental well-being and felt like a natural connection to dance with its emphasis on anatomy, strength, and fluid movement. Suzy is a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, and Barrels and a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She is interested in the specificity and detail of Pilates and loves that Pilates can be modified to meet people where they are.

Pilates Instructor and Studio Manager

Pilates Instructor

Alyssa was introduced to fitness after her career as a competitive gymnast. She started coaching recreational and team gymnastics at sixteen and hasn’t stopped coaching since! Her gymnastics career was cut short due to injuries and going to physical therapy at such a young age; this is what sparked her interest in becoming a Pilates instructor.
She wanted to know how she could help herself and other moves in their body with more integrity. She integrates the core areas of Pilates, mobility, and her deep understanding of biomechanics training into her individual sessions and group classes. She wants
clients to be the best versions of themselves. Alyssa believes that having a well-rounded fitness training program; develops healthy behaviors that stay with clients for the rest of their lives. With that power comes the responsibility to take care of oneself. To that end, Besides being a certified personal trainer, she is a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor and licensed Massage therapist who believes in learning the proper mechanics of lifting heavy lifting. She offers her clients a unique, multi-faceted approach to accomplishing their goals, ultimately leading to lifetime results. She is an exceptionally cheerful and motivating instructor!

Pilates Instructor

Gina is a dance artist, movement educator, Pilates instructor, and personal trainer. She discovered Pilates over a decade ago while rehabilitating an injury, and it didn’t take long for her to become hooked and want to learn more! Gina is certified with the Pilates Academy International in New York City. While dancing and teaching in NYC, she continued her education and is trained to work with scoliosis clients, those with back pain, and can do a gait analysis on you! Gina is also certified as a personal trainer through National Council on Strength and Fitness and specializes in Neurokinetic Therapy; she can help you create a corrective exercise program to help reprogram your body's movement patterns. She also focuses on proper breath work and has been trained with the Postural Restoration Institute. Gina enjoys working with all ages and levels. She can tailor your session to meet your needs, no matter your level of fitness!

Pilates Instructor

Jessi is invested in the intersection of art, storytelling and community-based work. She has worked in nonprofit communications for the past five years with a focus on writing and social media content creation. Jessi is also a board member of The Halide Project, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit expanding access to traditional photographic practices and raising the visibility of artists who have been historically underrepresented in photography. Jessi first engaged in movement-based practice nearly 10 years ago. After experiencing a traumatic incident, she turned to yoga as a way to restore her mind-body connection. She is thrilled to be part of the Restore team, where she is building her pilates practice and sharing the stories of our clients who have been empowered by pilates - both physically and mentally. Jessi has a BA in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Illinois - Chicago.

Social Media Manager


Jeanne is truly one of a kind. She was specifically recommended to me because I had chronic hip pain due to a labral tear. When I first started with her, I did not expect to continue working with her regularly for over 1.5 years now. She is creative, intuitive, and knowledgeable... Over time, I noticed that my pain was significantly better after my Pilates sessions. I highly recommend working with her!


I started working with Jeanne three years ago to help with my recovery process after a surgery. I was so blown away with how I felt both physically and mentally, that I have continued to work with Jeanne one-on-one through the years. She is so knowledgeable, encouraging, and engaging. Jeanne's positive and loving spirit makes her the perfect teacher!


Jeanne has been my private Pilates instructor for several years and I think she’s the best... she made it a point to study as much as she could about it (scoliosis) and has designed my classes to address my spine’s particular needs. She’s amazing! As a result, my back feels better. Jeanne also pushes me to work harder than I would if I exercised on my own. I need that!


Jeanne’s understanding and sense of commitment to our specific needs has impressed my husband and me. Each session is tailor made to addressing our body that day as well as working to achieve our overall goals. Her Pilates skills, along with her patience and humor, make her an outstanding instructor.


When I first came to Jeanne, I didn’t have much experience with Pilates. I was working 90 hour weeks and always had body aches. She was so welcoming right away, and understanding of what would be best for my body and my personal needs... Our one-on-one sessions are consistently the BEST part of my week...


If you're looking to improve your fitness level or have specific objectives with Pilates, recovery (from injury or pre-existing conditions), and/or other physical issues, Jeanne is your go-to person... Jeanne in one word: Super!


Jeanne starts each session by asking "how does your body feel?" and it made me realize that I never stop to ask myself that question. She makes you work hard and challenge yourself while staying positive and emphasizing your achievements. Jeanne often knows the issues I'm having with my body without me needing to tell her--her anatomical knowledge is impressive!


With Jeanne's guidance and help, I've managed to complete many athletic goals injury-free. Her knowledge and willingness to explain the fundamental reasoning behind each movement has also kept all of our 1-on-1 sessions very engaging. I always look forward to my weekly sessions with her!


Jeanne is a wonderful Pilates instructor! She is knowledgeable, professional, and encouraging. Her classes are never boring or repetitive. She is dedicated to proper form and preventing injuries. She also has a warm caring personality. Her classes are the best I have ever taken.


Following back surgery, my doctor recommended I start Pilates. Fortunately, I found Jeanne and have been with her for 2 years. Jeanne is so knowledgeable and is cautious about my back and other injuries I have. She absolutely understands what the problems are and helps me understand my potentials.


I have been doing Pilates with Jeanne for years, she's the best Pilates trainer I've ever had! I had back pain issues after my son was born, and she healed me in 2 months... She's so patient but also push you on a positive and effective way. All in all, I love her the best!


Jeanne has clearly spent a lot of time honing her craft. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about sharing that knowledge with her students. I think I learn something new in every class I take with Jeanne! I highly recommend Jeanne's classes to students of all levels!


...During my time doing pilates with Jeanne, I have never had any reemergence of back issues, and I have had a consistently higher level of fitness and health. I would attribute that to pilates as a form of exercise, as well as Jeanne's expert understanding of pilates exercises, the equipment involved, and the muscle groups involved in the exercises. I definitely recommend pilates as an exercise and Jeanne as a knowledgeable instructor.






By Appointment Only!


4845 North Damen Ave.

Chicago, IL 60625

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