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Pilates Instructor

Alyssa was introduced to fitness after her career as a competitive gymnast. She started coaching recreational and team gymnastics at sixteen and hasn’t stopped coaching since! Her gymnastics career was cut short due to injuries and going to physical therapy at a young age is what sparked her interest in becoming a Pilates instructor.

She wanted to know how she could help herself and move her body with integrity. She integrates the core areas of Pilates, mobility, and her deep understanding of biomechanics training into her individual sessions and group classes. She wants clients to be the best versions of themselves. Alyssa believes that having a well-rounded fitness training program develops healthy behaviors that stay with clients for the rest of their lives. With that power comes the responsibility to take care of oneself. Besides being a certified personal trainer, she is a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor, and licensed massage therapist who believes in learning the proper mechanics of lifting heavy lifting. She offers her clients a unique, multi-faceted approach to accomplishing their goals, ultimately leading to lifetime results. She is an exceptionally cheerful and motivating instructor!

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